My studio is located in beautiful Cave Creek AZ where I am blessed with the vast stars at night and the beautiful sunsets every day that I share with my husband of over 25 years and our furry 4 legged “Munchkin”.

I hope my art will bring out the passion, wisdom and spiritual journey for you as it does for me.

Kathy Immekus    
Creeker Skulls

Each piece is created in an organic process determining its own path to completion. The materials used inform the direction the piece takes to its destination and are one of a kind. 

​​The skulls are hand painted through my 5 step finishing process. Each piece of leather (Lamb, Goat, Deer, Cow & Buffalo hides) used is only of the finest grade available in the United States. I have searched for many years for only natural feathers from Turkeys, Pheasants and Peacocks and semi-precious stones - wherever I find beauty.


Kathy Immekus